Recently I have proposed to add a new feature to gretl in this thread:

Basically I have thought about a "project" manager to get a better script handling, automatic parameters loading,  fast script running. This idea has several links with function packages and sessions concepts, that's why I decided to post  It here to get any remarks.

At the start gretl should read a file like this:

        <descr>This is cool</descr>
        <run id="1">
            <name>Test ABC</name>
        <run id="2">
            <name>Test XYZ</name>
            <item id="1">file_1.inp<item/>
        <item id="2">file_2.inp<item/>
        <item id="2">file_3.inp<item/>

to allow some improvements such as:

- fast switching among projects;
- quick loading of several runs configuration for the same projects 
- running the default master script from any other file of the project;
- no include statement needed
- no nulldata/open statement needed
- easy export to function package of the entire project

Regarding to the concept of sessions Sven talked about in the thread previously posted,  I don't see any dangerous clashes cause the session would still behave as a snapshot, eventually It should contain the reference of the project.

What do u think about this? Useful? Useless? Let me know