There is at list one possible problem
with package functions in your context:
Suppose a package requires time-series data
(exactly the case for confusion)
So we need to use
open filename.ext
include pkg.gfn
I do not see a possibility
to check names provided the order above

The number of packages is growing
Packages updates can supply new functions
The number of native functions is growing
This means what had computed ok
would cease

25 жовтня 2018, 15:26:21, від "Sven Schreiber" <>:

Am 25.10.2018 um 10:09 schrieb
Nobody can prevent one to call
inflation I in some .xlsx file.
That is true; however, if gretl finds illegal names in imported series (e.g. blanks, foreign chars) it changes them already. So in principle it would be easy to also make it illegal to have series named like built-in functions.
I'm not saying that this would be the optimal solution, but it's an option.

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