Dear Gretl Team,

Some observations and thoughts about the new "instances"

(1) Let's suppose a situation where we have two opened Gretl
"instances" and we try to open a new data file by double-clicking.
How could we determine which of the (already opened) instance
will handle this new .gdt file? Now, I think Gretl uses the "older"
instances to handle this files (am I correct?).

(2) In Brazilian Portuguese the name "instance" is not intuitive
enough. Is it intuitive in other languages? I mean, I'm concerned
that the term is clear for Programmers, but not for average users.

(3) I really do not know how difficult, in terms of coding, is to
implement the name of the new instances, but I think the PID
solution is not good from my aesthetical point of view.

Best regards,
Henrique Andrade