Dear Allin,

I think the improvements in the Gretl plot controls (grid lines and bars options) should be placed in the change log too. What do you think?


2010/4/28 Allin Cottrell <>

On Wed, 28 Apr 2010, Henrique Andrade wrote:

> I think the Riccardo's suggestion is very good:
> Em 28 de abril de 2010 Riccardo <> escreveu:
> (...) I suggest that once that is done, we name that version 1.9.9 and we go
> > into "feature freeze" mode (that is, only bugfixes). After a reasonable
> > time, we release 2.0.

I agree. As for 1.9.0 I'm trying to shake out a few more bugs but
will put out the release shortly.