Hi, here's one or two questions about the specification of keywords and such in gui/gretl.lang and the way it interacts with syntax highlighting.

I'm working with the relatively new way to specify restrictions in a system, using the "inject" command inside a restrict block, introduced in gretl 2021b. I'm noticing that "inject" is not syntax-colored. Would it be correct to add a line "<keyword>inject</keyword>" in the section <context id="commands" style-ref="command"> in the gretl.lang file?

Also, I'm seeing "TRUE" and "FALSE" in the $-accessor section ("internalvars"), although they are not such accessors. (I.e., $TRUE doesn't work, and TRUE isn't syntax-colored.) Not sure how to solve that. Maybe introduce a new section "internalvars2" that do not take a $ prefix?