Sorry. I get that error, too, when there are no spaces between “x*y”

Could you try “ x * y” ?


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Subject: Re: [Gretl-devel] Possible issue with genseries()


I get a different error in the console: “The symbol ‘x*y’ is undefined” (same system & build date)




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Subject: [Gretl-devel] Possible issue with genseries()




The following script fails on gretl cvs build date 2015-01-07 running on Win 7 64 bit while the example code in help works fine.


set echo off

nulldata 50

series x = normal()

series y = normal()


list list1 = null

string SeriesName

loop i = 1.. 10

    SeriesName = sprintf("test%d",i)

    list1 += genseries(SeriesName, x * y)



list list1 print



it yields the following error


gretl version 1.10.0cvs

Current session: 2015-01-07 14:20


periodicity: 1, maxobs: 50

observations range: 1 to 50

Generated series x (ID 2)

Generated series y (ID 3)

Generated list list1

Data types not conformable for operation

>> list1 += genseries(sprintf("test%d",i), x * y)


Also, I cannot figure out how to reliably replicate this. But sometimes gretl terminates unexpectedly on the second time a script is run when something (I am not sure what) is wrong with a genseries() call. Sorry I cannot yet give more info on this, but I will keep experimenting.