Generally, I think some prohibiting
based on the version-growing set should
be avoided if there is another solution:
such prohibition generates endless flow
of new backward-incompatibility events
I think, the simplest solution is to
introduce some (by far not to return
to 2018c state) shadowing warnings:
1) for native: if confusing names are detected while opening
a file run un-suppressible message that name() lags creation
is overrided for variables: varnames
2) for packages: do the same after include pkg.gfn

The body of messages can get smaller in the future
when Allin will find the time to code detecting
thin differences in syntax:
no 1 to 2 as function arguments

A home-made round-about for names
checking attached

25 жовтня 2018, 17:39:44, від "Sven Schreiber" <>:

Am 25.10.2018 um 16:04 schrieb
I do not see a possibility
to check names provided the order above

Yes, I know. Right now I was only picking up the point of whether built-in function names should be "especially" protected.

The possible clash between series names and user-written functions (from packages or ad hoc) when it comes to taking lags (or leads) via the round-bracket syntax is the other ongoing topic.

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