Hi everybody

I'm trying to make some C# sample to connect to Libgretl. The sample seems to work ok, until I call gretl_read_native_data (oh, by the way I am using sample tat is on http://gretl.sourceforge.net/API/gretl-Data-I-O.html). I always get int 12, which by Gretl error refrence means I put the wrong filename. Here is sample code:

            gretl.DATAINFO pddata = (gretl.DATAINFO)Marshal.PtrToStructure(p, typeof(gretl.DATAINFO));
            string fname = @"D:\izhod.gdt";
            StringBuilder test = new StringBuilder(fname);
            double Z = 0;
            int err = gretl.gretl_read_native_data(test, ref Z, ref pddata); 

I tried to found out the source of problems, so I decided to go copy-paste of sample on gretl site. I downloaded gretl source code, downloaded Pelles - IDE for C and tried to run the program. First I get problems with refrence zlib.h, but soon as I downloaded from web, the problem was gone. But I'm getting problems with winnt.h(558): fatal error #1014: #error: "No target architecture".

Does anybody had/have same problems, or anybody got a clue what did I wrong? Any tip would be great.