Dear Allin,

I'll take a detailed look at these instructions.  Maybe I can insert images, if you believe this can improve the understanding.

In a few days I'll write back to you.

Best regards,

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Em 06/12/2012, ās 18:37, Allin Cottrell <> escreveu:

After hearing a lot about problems with installing gretl on OS X 10.8 I managed to borrow a current MacBook Pro from a student and have walked through the installation process myself (the machine had no previous gretl installation and no XQuartz or GTK).

It went fine, although some aspects of the operation were potentially confusing (in particular the way that new disk image windows open _behind_ the Safari window so it kind if looks like nothing has happened unless you minimize the browser).

Anyway, I wrote up some detailed blow-by-blow instructions, which I'm attaching. If any Mac users have points to add or correct, please let me know. Then I'll put the instructions on the website in some form.

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