Em 29 de novembro de 2009 Allin Cottrell escreveu:

Mac users may have noticed that the gretl snapshots for OS X are
not refreshed as often as the Windows snapshot.

This is too sad... ;)
I'm able to build, package and publish the Windows snapshot from
my Linux laptop at Wake Forest University, with a fast internet
connection, while up till now I have had to make the Mac builds at
home, using borrowed CPU cycles on my wife's iMac, and uploading
via a relatively slow DSL connection.

Thank you for your efforts!
But I have now set up a linux-to-OS X cross-compiler on my machine
at work: if this works OK I'll be able to keep the Mac snapshots
up to date with ease.

Great news.
If anyone is able to test these, that would be very helpful.  The
gretl-intel image works fine on OS X 10.4.11, but it would be nice
to know if it works right on more recent OS X.  And if anyone
still runs on ppc, ditto for that image.

I'm testing on my Mac with Snow Leopard and almost everything is
working fine. The only problem I have found is the Ox support (it's

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