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2013/3/27 Riccardo (Jack) Lucchetti <>
On Wed, 27 Mar 2013, Andreas Noack Jensen wrote:

I cannot set any of the last two counters in the package GUI to more than 9
and I would like to have the latest Gretl (1.9.12) as minimum requirement.

You could:

1) circumvent the GUI interface and prepare your gfn file via the command-line interface by manually editing the spec file, but I doubt we never ever documented this, which is a shame;

2) alternatively, you may download and compile the CVS version, in which I just committed a change so that we have room up until version 1.10.19;

3) alternatively, wait for a couple of days until Allin has prepared a snapshot which contains today's patch;

4) alternatively, you could create your package as usual, then open the gfn file with a text editor of your choice (a gfn file is just an xml file) and change the "minver" property to the "gretl-function-package" tag to "1.9.12" by hand. Then, send it to me or Allin and we'll upload it to the main server for you.

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