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[First of all, this goes especially to Henrique and Marcin, as we seem to be a little bit responsible for package supervision. But I thought it doesn't hurt if the gretl-devel list also reads it.]

Following up on my post from November "Possible redundancy of some function packages?" and the ensuing discussion (see http://lists.wfu.edu/pipermail/gretl-users/2014-November/010422.html), I now propose to really do something about the following packages, and sometimes that means to remove them. If you don't voice your opinion now, my suggestions will become reality.

1) clustered_ols (Pigini) -- could serve as a nice example, but doesn't have to be a package for that, should be moved as a script to the exercise script collection. Read: should be removed from the package list!

2) cnumber (Monsueto) -- maybe I'm confusing things, but could this be redundant when the stuff that Lee just presented at the conference is packaged? (I guess it could stay until then.)

3) fgls (Yang) -- There was no feedback on what it actually does, should be removed.

4) GHegy / HEGY_test (Diaz / Lucchetti) -- Guys, could you please get your act together on this? It is ridiculous that two core gretl people have competing or conflicting packages. It almost looks to me as if we could remove HEGY_test by Jack because GHegy by Ignacio is a superset? If no one intervenes, this should be the course of action.

HEGY_test by Lucchetti is older, and GHegy tried to improve it (obtaining not only 95% critival values but also p-values) and generalize it for any seasonal periodicity. Then HEGY_test may be considered deprecated if Jack agrees.

5) fcModels / HoltWinters (Yang / Diaz) -- Again, cooperation would be good. But both packages were updated relatively recently, which is also a good sign. Don't know what else to do with this.

With respect to this, I see that Yi-Nung, by one side is nesting my package with their other ones, what I think is very logical. I have also taken functions from Allin or Marcin's packages as well. It makes me think that maybe we could ask our dear developers if it could be possible to have a way to share functions between different packages. I am thinking that it could be a good idea to have a similar structure such as what we have now with the dataset specific of a package:

'open almon.gdt --frompkg=almonreg'

May be in this case it would be possible to share functions with a command like

'include HW2 --frompkg=HoltWinters.gfn'

where HW2 is supposed to be a function contained in package "HoltWinters.gfn" (which currently is not true) and having into account that such a line should be called from inside a function. (I don't have any idea whether it is possible or not and how much work may imply. Anyway It is not urgent).

And for the other side I see that Yi-Nung now is putting chinese+english strings in the GUI and in the output of the fcModels calculations and it is a clear example of how we need a way to translate function packages.

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