In current CVS I've begun to address this:

is it possible to make the updater use the cvs versions instead of the "release" versions? 

* The main window now has a menu item named "Windows" which
presents a list of open gretl windows, with icons in some cases to
provide an easy visual fix on what's open.  I'm not sure whether
this should be a sub-item of the "View" menu, or a top-level menu
in its own right.  For now I've made it the latter.  Any thoughts?

It's ok as a top level menu and better than under view, I think, besides it is the convential way of implementing the windows menu (at least on ms windows programs). Right now I don't see the icons on xp. Besides, it could be useful to have it on every window to the left of the close button (or instead of it, the OS already provides one)  (e.g. correlations matrix window). Or, perhaps, offer the (optional) feature to bring to the front all gretl windows (or maybe only the main and session icons windows) when clicking on one. I.e. when you click on the taskbar button for a window with script results you make all gretl windows' visible manteining the previous z-order between them.

* The right-click popup menus for most gretl windows now have an
item "Main window", which lets you get back there in case the main
window is buried -- and once you're there you have access to the
new window listing.

It is great. Maybe it could have a place on the toolbar too.


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