Hi everybody, I think it has been known that searching in the gretl script editor sometimes has issues. For example, the locations where something is found is not always moved into view.

In the past, on the Windows standard version (so using GTK2) it seemed to me that scrolling the script up or down by just very few, say 1 or 2, lines would then move the location into view. It was said (I believe) that this is a GTK bug.

Now I've been using the special GTK3-based version (for Windows, provided by Allin) for a while, and here I'm seeing more drastic failures. This has surprised me because I assumed that the bug affected GTK2  but not GTK3.

A concrete example: I load the file SVAR_plots.inp from the source tree (under addons/SVAR). Then I search for "splitfname"; gretl correctly highlights the first occurrence in the first line. OK, easy task. Then I click on the looking glass icon (or hit return) to continue searching. Now gretl moves the script view to the lines 95 through 116, and no search result can be seen. In fact, the second occurrence is in line 219, and when I manually scroll down there, the word is highlighted alright.

So the viewport adjustment or whatever it's called is seriously broken, to an extent that it really affects usability IMHO.

What's the story, is that GTK bug only fixed in GTK4, or is it a Windows-specific bug, or is something else going on?