Hi, I finally understood how to program a script and how to create a package (thanks, mostly, to the script sent to me be Allin Cottrell, but also to the GRETL's user guide). I must confess that the process is very simple. I made several tests in order to be sure that the new GRETL version and the original matlab version provide the same results (and they do) so I think that the package works fine. I only have a small last question: suppose I find a bug in my package (or something like that). If I upload to the server an improved version under the same name, the latter will automatically replace the old version or the old version must be erased "by hand"? Thanks

From: Daniel Ventosa S. <dventosa@yahoo.com>
To: GRETL list <gretl-devel@lists.wfu.edu>
Sent: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 8:46 AM
Subject: Many thanks (a small econometric proposal)

Many thanks for the help. I tried to package the function following the manual's instruction. That's when I realized that I am too ignorant of GRETL's architecture. I was absolute incompetent in doing so. I think I'll have to read more carefully the manual (and from the first page). Anyway, thanks a lot,