Thanks Allin! I'll try to discover how to translate this using the informations you gave me.


2009/11/19 Allin Cottrell <>

On Wed, 18 Nov 2009, Henrique wrote:

> Please, could you explain me what "non-zero ties" (line 5925) means?

This is a bit obscure.  It arises in the context of non-parametric
tests that are based upon rankings.  A "tie" is a case where two
or more observations have the same value, and therefore share the
same rank.  A "non-zero tie" would be be a case where two or more
observations share a non-zero value.

Specifically, this comes up in the context of the Wilcoxon
signed-rank test.  This comment appears in gretl's nonparam.c:

Wilcoxon signed-rank test, with handling of zero-differences
and non-zero ties, plus continuity correction, as in E. Cureton,
"The Normal Approximation to the Signed-Rank Sampling Distribution
when Zero Differences are Present", JASA(62), 1967, 1068-1069.

Frankly, I though this was too obscure to mark for translation,
but the Czech translators noted the non-translated strings and
requested that they be marked.

Good luck!

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