add a ctrl+shift+r to cycle through open scripts and scripts results windows

2009/11/28 patriciocuaron <>
Given that "View" is the shortest of all menus and that there are
already nine top-level menus I would tend to favor the View menu. But to
be honest I'm not sure if that's the best approach; on many systems you
have a list of the open gretl windows already in some taskbar (don't
know about windows 7 that Patricio mentioned). So having another such
list inside gretl may be redundant in many situations.

it is standard on windows to have the windows menu. the only use it commonly has is to access minimized windows inside a mdi interface buried by other windows (which is not the case) and to tile windows. 

-- BTW, that just inspired an idea: I think it would be helpful if with
some command you could "conjure" all gretl windows to the front at the
same time. Actually, if that were possible, I would tend to think that
it's actually not necessary to reduce the number of windows! So, is it

well, maybe this could be easily resolved (don't know, not a skillful programmer) with some global keyboard shorcuts (that work in any window). that could improve usability without undergoing ui surgery, leaving that as a separate thing for discussing at another time. something like...

ctrl+shift+m   main window
ctrl+shift+c    command window
ctrl+shift+h    help (global version, keeping h for compatibility)
ctrl+shift+s    session window
ctrl+shift+t     tile windows (same on xp as ctrl+clicking several buttons on the taskbar, then right clicking and selecting tile vertically or tile horizontally)
ctrl+shift+u    bring all windows up
ctrl+shift+k    only keep active window visible
ctrl+shift+p    pin window (keep active window always on top)
ctrl+shift+pgdn    next window
ctrl+shift+pgup    previous window