El 14/3/22 a las 12:06, Ignacio Diaz-Emparanza escribió:

El 13/3/22 a las 18:24, Allin Cottrell escribió:
On Sun, 13 Mar 2022, Ignacio Diaz-Emparanza wrote:


the changes you (Allin) made to gretl in git seem not to work. If I don't set the environment variable up, I continue to obtain the crash.

This is the output of valgrind (I assume you only need the last part)


Thanks, Ignacio, but valgrind is no help here. Could you post what appears on stderr from running gretl, please? That is, run gretl from a terminal window and see what gets printed. I've just pushed a small change to git which might help with the diagnostics.


Well, ... I don't know if this may help much. I reinstalled gretl from git and tried to run the script, this is the output in the terminal:

The R library path '/usr/lib/libR.so' seems to be a symlink
 resolved to 'R/lib/libR.so'
cannot find system Renviron
Fatal error: unable to open the base package

BTW, in my system the link in /usr/lib is

libR.so -> R/lib/libR.so

so, that is pointing to the absolute path /usr/lib/R/lib/libR.so