Em 23 de agosto de 2010 Peter <peter.summers@ttu.edu> escreveu:


Iíve had a few things on my wish list for gretl for some time now, and in preparation for the coming semester I thought Iíd finally get around to proposing them. These are features that are available on other programs that I use (matlab mostly), that I think would streamline gretl a bit (for me, anyway).

1)†††† have some way to clear the console window (but retain the command history), like clc in matlab

2)†††† allow formatting of rtf model output similar to whatís available for LaTeX (number of digits reported, etc)

3)†††† allow matrices to be copied or exported from the icon view to excel, latex, csv, etc. Being able to control the number of digits would be nice here too.

Great wish list. Everything is very useful :-)