Dear Gretl Team,

As we are discussing function duplicates (please take a look at the thread: "Proposal for function package cleanup"), coincidentally I just finished a script that allow us to download, install and run all the sample scripts available in the Gretl's server.

This is the first round that function package maintenace script. The test is very simple:

step 1: Download and install the latest Gretl snapshot;
step 2: Using a Hansl script (written by me with the important help from Allin and Riccardo) I install all the packages available from Gretl's server;
step 3: Using the same Hansl code, I extract the sample script of each of these functions and try to execute them.

I will do the tests in Mac OS/X and Windows (I don't have the necessary Linux skills to do this) and write a simple report (attached the Windows one to this message).

Best regards,
Henrique Andrade