Dear Sven,
The examples below imitate the following situation:
1) user imports, say .xlsx file with confusing names
2) the function is a package one
Or, even so
Normally, sin is not a name of variable
But I() is the native function
Nobody can prevent one to call
inflation I in some .xlsx file.
So, additional prohibitions
would be inconvenient

I constructed examples being easily reproduced
More realistic version
open gdpI.csv #attached
ols dgdp const I(-1)

What will be, if series I prohibited?
OK, I is green, so there is a stimulus to rename it
But what if a series name coincides with
a name of a package function?


25 жовтня 2018, 10:29:47, від "Sven Schreiber" <>:

Am 25.10.2018 um 08:38 schrieb
series sin = normal()

Maybe gretl should be stricter in not allowing built-in function names as identifiers. (Again, I think that was discussed before with the conclucsion that it's not a problem per se.)

series y = sin(1)

# y is described as lag of 'sin' 

Good catch, this is the bug.

# but
# i.e. y is a constant series, its values are equal to sin(1)
This is expected I'd say.

BTW, here's something else:
series y = normal()
series y = y[-1] NAs (note the square brackets, on purpose). I think it should give an error.

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