In Portuguese, we have a direct adaptation of "instance": instância.

It means an "occurrence of something", and it is not used as "example".


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On Wed, 10 Apr 2013, Henrique Andrade wrote:

Dear Allin and Jack,

What do you think about naming the new window with the words "session"
instead of "example"? In fact, in my interpretation, when we open a new
window that is independent from the others, we're starting a new "session".
Aren't we?

Ahhh, I think I see your problem now, sorry for not having thought about before: in English the word "instance" can be used as a synonym of "example", (especially in the "for instance" phrase) but doesn't have to. Especially in the technical jargon, it is very much used as a vague synonym of "copy" or "repetition", as in "another thing which is distinct from the preceeding ones, but it's basically the same thing repeated one more time". That's why we say "n instances of gretl". In this sense, it's not a synonym of "example" at all.

In Italian, the word "istanza" is not a synonym of "example" either (you just don't say "per istanza" as you would say "per esempio"), though it retains its technical meaning (it is also a common word in the law jargon, but it doesn't matter).

>From what you say, I guess that in (Brazilian, perhaps?) Portuguese, the
association instance/example is much stronger than what I perceive, so you're right, we should look for another word... in Portuguese!

Allin, is it too much difficult implement the use of capital letters
(A,B,C,...) instead of the PID?

That'd be just the same as consecutive numbers.

As I mentioned before, the seemingly "nicer" option of displaying a simple
sequence number is not robust: the user can easily break it by (e.g.)
closing the first gretl window while leaving the second one open, then
starting another instance.

Bear in mind that running multiple instances of gretl is not something
we'd expect users to do very often. On the Mac you have to make a
deliberate choice to do this, and now on Linux and Windows (where
previously it was possible to open multiple instances inadvertently) you're
asked if this is really what you want.

I think we could put the "instance stuff" inside the Preferences menu.
Something like that:

"[ ] Double-clicking in Gretl files (.inp, .gdt, .gretl) will open it in a
new instance"

This one I like!

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