I've just downloaded the gretl_help.pot file and create a gretl_help_pt_BR.po file (using Poedit software). But I'm not sure about this process (I'm not a computer expert ;).

So, I would like kindly to request you to take a look at the file just to verify if I did the right thing. Is it possible?


2009/12/2 Ivan Sopov <moradan228@gmail.com>
2009/12/2 Henrique <henrique.coelho@gmail.com>:
> I strongly support your initiative! Now I'm waiting anxiously for the
> release ;)

Pleased to read that. If anyone is willing to translate help system in
some other languages with the help of launchpad he is probably should
generate a .po-file himself with the .pot-file (As far as i understood
with the usual gettext-tools .po-files are generated from .pot-file
wich is single for all languages. And also some explicit settings
about plural forms must be done in .po-file which I can not do not
knowing other languages). It can be found here
And also here is my config-file for po4a utility that generates .pot
and .po from our xmls.

Good luck, Ivan.
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