Hello dev-team,


just a few comments/observations I wanted to share with you:


- an option where multiple (up to 3, e.g.)  distributions can be plotted in the same window would be nice.

- an optional --max command would be nice (if comparing different distributions visually, it is good if they have the same scale.

Of course, I can do both manually, but it might be something useful in general.


arguments defined by variables:

For the above scenarios, I often calculate the minimum and maximum in a set of functions and based on this the width as (max-min)/21. It would be nice if one could directly use these variables with data as input. Instead I have to use sprintf WIDTH = width and then string substitution “--binwidth=@WIDTH”. If I were in a loop (correct me if I am wrong), I could instead use $width


And then a final remark:

- It would be nice if the size of a dataset would be checked first, when someone clicks on the “correlations” icon. Otherwise, in large datasets, this can lead to long waiting times… or the need to shut down gretl without having saved anything. Something like a pop-up with a warning if one continues, or the like, would be nice.


Kind regards