Hi, Sven, thanks for your advice about compiling the program, I don't know if doing it, this will provoke any conflict with preexistent libraries and dependences... is it safe?
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Subject: [Gretl-devel] Re: New feature
Am 26.05.2019 um 17:20 schrieb "Daniel Marín":

> I've tried to install the new 2019 version I downloaded of Gretl from
> links on your web page, but I'm in UBUNTU and instead, it reinstsalled
> the 2016 version I had... is there a way to install it in Ubuntu, maybe
> it has rejected this new version becouse some issue with dependences...
Yes, I agree it is a common problem with Linux distros that it's
sometimes difficult to upgrade only a single package. You have various

1) I believe the latest Ubuntu (19.04) ships with gretl 2019a. But I
understand you may not want to upgrade your system to a one-month-old
distro release.

2) Compile from source: This is relatively easy under Debian-based
distros such as Ubuntu. See appendix C in the user guide.

3) [not something you can do] If somebody had a PPA-style repository to
provide more recent gretl versions for Ubuntu/Mint/Debian, that would be
cool. But it involves some work, of course.

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