Hi, I didn't expect such a fast answer, lots of thanks!
What I want is to import data from Excel files, LibreOffice files, and be able to specify the row in the Excel worksheet where the names of the variables are, and the row where the descriptive labels are,
the same way you can specify in what sheet are the data to import and in what row and column you want to begin importing.
And let both things (names and descriptive labels) be of a longer number of characteres as usually they are really longer.
Also it would be great if this could be done also for other formats of files to import, as .csv or .R.
So, as to avoid the pain of having to construct a .txt file with the descriptive labels, and the pain of not having enough space in the variable name and descriptive label to accomodate properly long names and descriptions.
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Am 25.05.2019 um 17:46 schrieb "Daniel Marín":
> Hi, I think it would be very useful if users could specify a row in the
> worksheet to be assigned as variable labels and specify other row for
> variable names. This would be appreciated if possible also in other
> formats as csv. Ut would save a lot of time and problems.
> For example enabling an option in the "labels" command.
> I also would let the names and labels be of a longer number of
> characteres, very especially the labels, as in many cases the
> descriptions of series are considerably long.
> Thank you for your attention, I ignore if this would be very complicated
> to do, so forgive me if i ask for too much.
> Best regards,

Hi, maybe it's just me, but I don't really understand the request. Could
you give an example of what you have in mind when you talk about
veriable labels vs. veraiable names?

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