Em 24 de setembro de 2015, Allin escreveu:

On Thu, 24 Sep 2015, Henrique Andrade wrote:

Dear Gretl Team and  Yi-Nung,

I find a little problem with the getsymbols function (version 0.1). Taking
a look at line 50 of the function code we can see the following command
(The same command appear at line 6 of the sample script):

append "@dotdir/tmpM.csv"

That's nothing wrong with it when we are using Linux or OSX, but Windows
uses "\" and not "/". So I would like to suggest this fix:

Does the "/" really not work on Windows? I think it ought to; the OS is supposed to be able to handle forward slashes in filenames.

I was using a Windows 7 PC with Gretl version 1.10.1 when I got the error (please take a look at the attached PNG). Using current snapshot everything works fine.

Henrique Andrade