24 січня 2016, 19:19:50, від "Sven Schreiber" <svetosch@gmx.net>:


this is just to let you know that one month ago Artur and I have founded
the "gretl Club". Right now this just means that he and I have agreed on
some written bylaws (if that's the correct corresponding term). This
association exists under German law, of course. AFAIK there is no
possibility to found a club or association under some EU legal
framework, unfortunately (and strangely enough, given the legal reach of
the EU).

One of the medium-term aims is to collect member contributions and
possibly donations to finance all sorts of activities related to
scientific software. We also want to become recognized as an association
"for the common good" under German tax law, so that members and donors
can get tax reductions. However, we're not at that stage yet, and also
I'm afraid that that would only apply to taxpayers in Germany. (If
anybody has some additional information about this or alternative
suggestions, you're welcome to share your knowledge!)

In a couple of weeks or months we might be asking around who wants to
join the club, but right now I'd say we (Artur and I) should rather
clarify some more of the legal stuff first.

So much for that, for today.

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