Em 5 de novembro de 2012, Riccardo (Jack) Lucchetti escreveu:

On Mon, 5 Nov 2012, Henrique Andrade wrote:

Dear Allin and Jack,

I frequently get myself writing examples for my colleagues here at work
explaining Gretl's commands and functions. So I realized that this work
could be useful to un-experienced Hansl's users.

My question is: Could I send these examples to our Devel List in order to
insert them (when you'll believe they are appropriate) into the Gretl's

Better still: why not use the gretl wiki, which is a bit neglected at present?

Dear Jack, thanks for answering me. I do believe that wiki is a great way
to exchange knowledge. But I think that we need, in a first moment,
concentrate our efforts trying to make our documentation more complete.

If we start to create too many different sources of resources ("sources of
resources" sounds funny :-)), e.g. wiki, mailing lists, foruns, etc., we can
fragmentize the "gretl-help environment".

The examples I'm willing to introduce in the Help are very simple ones. Let
me give you an example that I used today: the "colnames" function.

<gretl help>

Output: scalar
Arguments: M (matrix)
s (named list or string)

Attaches names to the columns of the Tk matrix M.
If s is a named list, the column names are copied
from the names of the variables; the list must have
k members. If s is a string, it should contain k
space-separated sub-strings. The return value is 0
on successful completion, non-zero on error. See
also rownames.


open australia.gdt
matrix M = {PAU, PUS, IAU, IUS}
colnames(M, "PAU PUS IAU IUS")

</gretl help>

So I think is something too small too deserve a wiki :-)

Best regards and thanks again for your attention,
Henrique Andrade