Hi folks,

I tried to access the single values of the $coeff array directly with the command

a = $coeff[x,1]

that is a usage of the $coeff array not mentioned in the command reference, but anyway it is supposed to return a scalar. On the contrary it returns a matrix 1x1.

Obviously by priorly assigning the array of coeff to another vector and then accessing the second one everything works fine.

Or rather, even more simply, i could specify the new variable as scalar

scalar a = $coeff[x,1]

but here another inconvenient raises. If I try to print the variable a without explicitly using the print command, after a few runnig of the same script gretl crashes.

To clarify things here is a stupid script, that if is launched a few times in succession causes Gretl to crash. The number of launches before crashing appears to be quite random.

nulldata 100

a = uniform()
b = uniform()

ols a const b

genr cc = $coeff(b)


By the way it could be nice to access the coefficients in the array with a command like $coeff( number), useful if you don't know the name of the variables.