Dear Allin,

I made some tests and everything is working "absurdly_just_fine" ;-)


2012/11/20 Allin Cottrell <>
Making a little progress in relation to some bad examples (i.e.
examples that gretl handled badly) that were posted a while back.
Here's a test that works "OK" with current CVS.

nulldata 100
string s1 = "absurdly_hyperextended_varname"
string s2 = "wantonly_elongated_identifier"
string s3 = "extra_specially_verbose_moniker"
series @s1 = normal()
series @s2 = normal()
series @s3 = normal()
var 3 @s1 @s2 @s3
coint2 3 @s1 @s2 @s3
vecm 3 2 @s1 @s2 @s3

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