Dear Gretl Team,

I'm thinking a lot about creating a Gretl domain for the Portuguese website. Today I discovered that this could be simple (and cheap!). I would like to create the or (but IMHO the is a better choice), assuming all the costs, of course.

The is cheaper and easier to register than, but has a .com indicating something commercial. The needs some legal  documentation. The .org is the simplest to register.

Why use a domain? I think it would be easier to users remember our internet address and look a little bit more professional (unfortunately a lot of our users don't know what Sourceforge is :)). Important: I really don't think Gretl is not professional! I just saying that we could improve public perception about that.

Additionally I've been thinking about creating an email adress with one of these domains. Why? Today I use an email address from the University where I did my PhD and I would like to stop this. I could use my new professional email (from Brazilian Ministry of Finance), but I think we shouldn't associate Gretl with anything more commercial (we are free and open source :)).

What do you think?

Best regards,
Henrique Andrade

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