Dear all,
Below is content of attached data file


Of course trying to open it generates

using delimiter ','
  longest line: 92 characters
  first field: 'index'
  number of columns = 6
  number of variables: 6
  number of non-blank lines: 2
scanning for variable names...
  line: index,ltm,x1,x2,x3,ols
'ols' is a reserved word

For .csv I can easy change 'ols' anywhere
For .xls(x) I have LibreOffice if
I use Ubuntu, or if I do not want to be a pirate

How about stata, etc?
I think, gretl could change such names
I mean only reserved words: this would open
files that used to  fail to be opened
So a new possibility and no backward-incompatible  changes
If substitute ols_ for ols everything works