Hello Gretl developers.

Henrique recently wrote me to know how are things going with translating of gretl help on the launchpad.

How about resurrecting this process? Currently the situation is the following:

1. In the Launchpad there are partial translations (33% for Brazilian Portuguese and 13% for Russian) for old versions of gretl_commands.xml and genr_funcs.xml. https://translations.launchpad.net/gretl/trunk
2. I have generated the new .pot file for these two xmls and uploaded it to Launchpad. https://translations.launchpad.net/gretl/trunk/+imports I suppose it will be  imported by some backend Launchpad job and will update the .po file for the translations.
3. After that we will be able to download the po files for translation and produce files:
with partial translations that will be up-to-date with current 

So how about placing po4a.cfg to the cvs? All current files are on https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qh3vwh8qmijjvxb/G72hFXmeEG (with no actual translations yet). So if someone will want to translate gretl into new language he will (e.g. for AZ language):

1. Modify po4a.cfg adding "az:gretl_help-az.po" strings by example of already existing strings for ru, pt_BR and others.
2. Generate new gretl_help.pot file from the up-to-date xmls:
$po4a -k 0 po4a.cfg
3. Ask someone to upload new .pot to Launchpad (currently only me - I will be happy to add others to maintainers of the project at launchpad)
4. Make partial translation.
5. Download gretl-help-az.po file from launchpad.
6. Generate 
fiels and send them to gretl-devel.

If we will want to update existing translation with the help of Launchpad (most likely while the translation is less then 100% ready but maybe used and after that if it will not be easier to update xmls by hand) the process is similar:
1. While gretl_commands.xml and genr_func.xml files are updated - all the gretl_commands_LANG.xml and genr_func_LANG.xml files are updated too with english phrases (As far as I know it is currently so?)
2. Generate the new .pot file fr updated xmls
3. Recieve updated .po files from Launchpad.
4. Update gretl_commands_LANG.xml and genr_func_LANG.xml with translations.

Are there any pitfalls that I don't see currently or any concerns?

Thanks, Ivan Sopov.

2009/12/3 Henrique <henrique.coelho@gmail.com>

I've just downloaded the gretl_help.pot file and create a gretl_help_pt_BR.po file (using Poedit software). But I'm not sure about this process (I'm not a computer expert ;).

So, I would like kindly to request you to take a look at the file just to verify if I did the right thing. Is it possible?


2009/12/2 Ivan Sopov <moradan228@gmail.com>
2009/12/2 Henrique <henrique.coelho@gmail.com>:
> I strongly support your initiative! Now I'm waiting anxiously for the
> release ;)

Pleased to read that. If anyone is willing to translate help system in
some other languages with the help of launchpad he is probably should
generate a .po-file himself with the .pot-file (As far as i understood
with the usual gettext-tools .po-files are generated from .pot-file
wich is single for all languages. And also some explicit settings
about plural forms must be done in .po-file which I can not do not
knowing other languages). It can be found here
And also here is my config-file for po4a utility that generates .pot
and .po from our xmls.

Good luck, Ivan.
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