Dear Gretl Team,

I made a simple code to help me translating Gretl's help (functions and commands). It analyzes "gretl_functions_pt.xml" and "gretl_commands_pt.xml" comparing them with the English version.

The main reason to write it is to facilitate the translation task (Hélio, could you take a look), to try string manipulation using Gretl's capabilities and... Having fun :-)

Where it "excels" :)
(1) It shows newly introduced functions/commands.
(2) It shows deleted functions.

Where it fails :(
(1) To use it the translator has to maintain the exactly number of lines inside the function/command entry as the English version.
(2) If the changes in English doesn't alter the number of lines in a function/command entry it does not capture the change.

Best regards,
Henrique Andrade