Using the latest snapshot on Win 7 64 bit I have found a possible bug in the GUI.


When copying and pasting RTF from the output of the Test Statistics Calculator  into MS Word 2013 you get the following



{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\fprq1\fcharset1 Courier New;}}


Null hypothesis: Difference of means = 0\par


Sample 1:\par

n = 20, mean = 0.0170911, s.d. = 0.046042\par

standard error of mean = 0.0102953\par

95% confidence interval for mean: -0.00445719 to 0.0386395\par


Sample 2:\par

n = 220, mean = 0.00851808, s.d. = 0.0877089\par

standard error of mean = 0.00591333\par

95% confidence interval for mean: -0.00313625 to 0.0201724\par


Test statistic: t(238) = (0.0170911 - 0.00851808)/0.0198832 = 0.431171\par

Two-tailed p-value = 0.6667\par

(one-tailed = 0.3334)\par




When you do the same from a model window, the result is the properly formatted table. I am not sure if this is a MS Word issue (Why can’t the world just use LaTeX.) or gretl, but given that copy RTF works in some cases????