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On Tue, 1 Mar 2022, Allin Cottrell wrote:

I think I see what's happening. On my system I have the environment variable R_HOME set to "/opt/R/lib64/R". I guess in your case that variable is not set. So I suspect the following: if you pass the actual path to libR.so, gretl can infer where R_HOME is and all is OK. If you pass a symlink and R_HOME is NOT set, R doesn't know where its files are and gretl can't help.

Anyway, it seems clear that the crash is in libR.so, which can't find "Renviron" under the stated conditions: called via symlink with R_HOME undefined. Maybe gretl could help with some fancy footwork, using the OS to resolve a libR symlink.

That "fancy footwork" is now in git. We detect the case where the user-specified path to libR.so is a symlink; resolve the symlink to find the "real" path to libR.so; use that path to figure out where
R_HOME is; and put the correct value of R_HOME into the environment so that libR can find the files without which it will crash.

I tested this on Fedora Linux, after removing R_HOME from my environment and replacing the "real" libR location in my gretl Preferences with the path to a symlink in /usr/local/lib.


I am very sorry for this delay. I was able to check it today and it doesn't work. I updated gretl from git, changed the path as it was originally (/usr/lib/libR.so), but still get the same crash.

If someone could give me the exact steps to run gretl with "gdb" I can try to do it.


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