No, Sven. I run the files as is.
I had only 2 problems. The first, I think that was a conflict between my Antivirus updates and old msys instalation.
So I clean and install, msys64 again. Then I tried the instalation (12 hours ago) but finished with some warnings related with Latex.
I tried today again, and all seems to work fine.

De: Sven Schreiber <>
Enviado: sábado, 28 de marzo de 2020 13:52
Para: <>
Asunto: [Gretl-devel] Re: Windows build 2020a/b
Am 28.03.2020 um 12:36 schrieb ESTEVEZ NUÑEZ JUAN CARLOS:
Dear Allin and Sven,

I had problems to Win-build gretl last night (maybe related to some Latex commands) but now it goes fine to me.
I´ve just done it, running (as is in repository), and making a distributable package (running as is).
There seems not to be problems with both instalations.  I tested:

This was made on Win 10 Pro 64-bit and msys64.

Hi Juan, very interesting, thanks for the feedback. So you haven't customized anything, no different configuration ( or a different TeX setup?