Have my excuses if I can't answer you atm as I have to go to the marketplace to buy food!
I didn't expect such a quick answer on your side, which I very much appreciate!
Sent: Saturday, May 25, 2019 at 6:30 PM
From: "Sven Schreiber" <svetosch@gmx.net>
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Subject: [Gretl-devel] Re: New feature
Am 25.05.2019 um 18:14 schrieb "Daniel Marín":

> What I want is to import data from Excel files, LibreOffice files, and
> be able to specify the row in the Excel worksheet where the names of the
> variables are, and the row where the descriptive labels are,
> the same way you can specify in what sheet are the data to import and in
> what row and column you want to begin importing.

OK, I see. I think the request makes sense, basically merging the
"labels --from-file=..." command into the open command.

However, it seems to me not many such files exist in the wild. Typically
I think the descriptions are in a header which is either un-formatted or
is actually arranged vertically. Can you show an example where you get
data with the descriptions in a row, aligned with variable names?

> And let both things (names and descriptive labels) be of a longer number
> of characteres as usually they are really longer.

Right now I'm not sure what the limit for labels is. Apparently you have
run into space constraints?
(With respect to the names, we have recently discussed the issue of the
max character length on this list.)

> Also it would be great if this could be done also for other formats of
> files to import, as .csv or .R.

What was the original format you had in mind, .xls(x) ?
With respect to .R, I remember some discussion that those files can
follow different specifications and hence are not directly supported,
but I don't remember the details right now.

> So, as to avoid the pain of having to construct a .txt file with the
> descriptive labels,

As I said, I think your request makes sense. However, are you aware of
the transpose function in Excel (and other spreadsheet programs)? You
just would have to:
1. copy the row with the labels (descriptions)
2. paste it (in a new sheet, for example) in a transposed arrangement
3. then copy&paste it into a plain text file

So this doesn't look like a lot of pain to me. Of course, if you have
many such files, things may look different.

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