Hello all, 

I asked a colleague from Brazil. Here is his reply 

The proposed translation is correct and, likely, the best possible.

From my viewpoint, the use of “Grupo” for bundle is not appropriate.



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From: Henrique Andrade
Date:06/29/2014 5:23 PM (GMT-06:00)
To: "Gretl Discussion List (users)"
Subject: [Gretl-users] "Bundle" and "Script" translations

Dear Gretl Community,

Today I start to fight against my (translation sentences) enemies:
"bundle" and "script" :-). Most of the time I'm using "sequência de
comandos" to replace "script" and "grupo" to translate "bundle", but I
really think these are far away from the ideal.

I would like to hear what Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese users
think about my suggestions:

script -> roteiro
bundle -> pacote

I really appreciate your suggestions ;-)

Best regards,
Henrique Andrade

P.S.: Bundle is a kind of Gretl "object" that can store series,
strings, matrices, etc.

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