please excuse me, but I do not understand the previous question (though they were related to the variables name). I now realize the strings are wrong, as you previously ask, and their problem is with the accents. Please see the string.txt attached.

What is strange is that Gretl open the file correctly (although the strings are not adequate). But then save the files, but then the operation could not be redo.


2016-10-06 14:33 GMT-03:00 Riccardo (Jack) Lucchetti <r.lucchetti@univpm.it>:
On Thu, 6 Oct 2016, Leandro Zipitria wrote:

Dear Ricardo,

I open the sav file without problem in Gretl. No accent, nor any other
Spanish symbol in the variables. I also open the file, save it as a csv
file and open it again in Gretl without problem. I also try to save a Gretl
Session (no problem), but could not open it again. There it says "Could not
open X.gdt file".

Ok, so another question: when you look at the value labels for the variable "Area_A", do the strings "San José", "Colón" and "Ituzaingó" appear correctly?

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