Thank you!

In autumn I will start applied econometrics with Gretl for about 200 students (most hate math and command lines) and labs with assistants not with me
Had to finish "Gretl for complete idiots" by August for them (assistants too)

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Від кого: "Allin Cottrell" <>
Дата: 1 травня 2014, 00:04:37

On Wed, 30 Apr 2014, wrote:

> When I chose File->Open data->Sample file and press "Look on server" 
> button and install, for example, ashenfelter [...] directory 
> ~/gretl/data/ashenfelter/ is created. When I restart Gretl "Ashenfelter" 
> option doesn't appear in "gretl: data files" window as it should be.

Thanks. That problem is confirmed here, but is now fixed in CVS.

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