Allin Cottrell schrieb:
On Thu, 22 Oct 2009, Artur T. wrote:

I tried to save multiple graphs using the "scatters" command  like this:

scatters X Y Z --with-lines --output=/home/gretl/test.eps

but unfortunately this saving option is not supported.

That's now supported in CVS/snapshot.

Works fine!
A second issue is concerning the graph saving within a session. Storing
gnuplot-generated graphs like "graph <- gnuplot x --time-series
--with-lines" works well, but using the "scatters" command is not
enabled at the moment.

And that too.

Works fine as well!
But it seems that only one option works at time: one can store the graph in a session but not save it as a file at the same moment (and vice versa) (-- at least both does not work on my machine), right? I am fine with this.
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Thanks for your work, Allin!