Am 13.08.2011 16:22, schrieb Allin Cottrell:
On Sat, 13 Aug 2011, Leon Unger wrote:

after investigating further - because the results were quite unsatisfactory - 
I found out that:

1) there is no memory problem with creating the unit dummies if done via 
'dummify' (took millisecs for 865 dummies).
   Using 'genr unitdum' even did not succeed when shrinking down the dataset 
to only include 30 units. I guess there is some bug.

I rechecked the phenomenon: It was due to not restarting GRETL after the memory allocation problem occurred.
With the subsample of 865 units (only trade within OECD) the 'genr unitdum' works fine, so does 'dummify'!
The whole world trade file contains 33.132 units. Here dummify also stops after creating some dummies with data error.


Could you send me the 30-unit dataset, please? I find I can provoke 
a memory allocation problem with "genr unitdum", but only if the 
dataset contains a huge number of panel units.

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