I've rebuild packages with your patch and put them on website.


W dniu 04.10.2011 21:43, Allin Cottrell pisze:
On Mon, 3 Oct 2011, Marcin Błażejowski wrote:

W dniu 03.10.2011 02:18, Allin Cottrell pisze:

may be cause for concern. I'll update the gretl-x12a packages once I've figured out the reasons for the warnings and (hopefully) patched the sources to eliminate them.
I've used gfortran but - honestly - didn't look at compilation and while package was build I assumed that all were OK. Allin, would you send me these patches?

Building with current gfortran (4.6.1) I got less warnings, really just one small issue, for which I attach a patch.

I've uploaded a new i586 rpm (x12a-0.3-3.i586.rpm) and a new
Windows installer to the gretl x12a directory on sourceforge.


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