Oh, I see but I was wondering if the users can read that first message because of the question of Allin. In my first mail I attached a csv file with the data but now after clicking the link you sent me, I read the following
A non-text attachment was scrubbed...
Name: data.csv
Does this mean that the attachment was removed and nobody can see the data to replicate my example? If yes, which is the right way to make available my data for all users?
Kind regards
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Subject: Re: [Gretl-users] Discrepancy between R and Gretl in Johansen cointegration
Am 01.02.19 um 07:11 schrieb Reynaldo Senra:
> Dear Allin,
> I am totally new in the list and I don't know if you have access to my
> first message. Assuming that you haven't, I am resending it now.

Hi Reynaldo,

you don't have to re-send stuff. The whole thread is logged on the
mailing list. See here:

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