Hi Sven  and Allen, 

I have enabled the function and when I produce a new graph, this one appears in a new window instead in the collecting plots window. 
I have restarted the computer and gretl several times. 

However, the function in my Mac is working fine .

Thanks for your help 

El lun, 25 abr 2022 a las 14:48, Sven Schreiber (<svetosch@gmx.net>) escribió:
Am 25.04.2022 um 14:04 schrieb Cristián Arturo Ducoing Ruiz:
> Dear Community,
> I have enabled "collecting plots" in the GUI but it isn't working.
> Any clues?

Hi, "isn't working" is very often a suboptimal description of the problem.

Having said that, my first guess is that you haven't restarted gretl. If
that's not the cause, then please describe more clearly the steps you're
doing and what you're getting.



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Cristián Arturo Ducoing Ruiz