Am 22.10.2022 um 02:21 schrieb Federico Fiorani:
Dear all,
Gretl on my Windows crashes running this script

strings s = null
s += "text"
s -= "text"

Does anyone have the same problem?

Yes, I see this, too - thanks for the report.

This crash must be fixed, of course, but using the "-=" operator for an array is not supported, AFAIK.  In fact, I believe it is not possible to selectively delete elements from an array after creation - to achieve that, you would have to make a copy of the array where you skip the unwanted elements. Other alternatives include: Simply drag along these additional elements and ignore them (by using appropriate checks), or perhaps in some cases use a gretl "bundle" datatype instead of an array. Bundle elements can be deleted.

BTW, as a side remark, if you want to get the index positions where a strings array contains a given string, you can use the instrings() function, so in your example instrings(s, "text"). (But I admit that getting the complementary positions where this condition is false is a little more involved.)