Dear Ricardo, 

I open the sav file without problem in Gretl. No accent, nor any other Spanish symbol in the variables. I also open the file, save it as a csv file and open it again in Gretl without problem. I also try to save a Gretl Session (no problem), but could not open it again. There it says "Could not open X.gdt file".


2016-10-06 14:16 GMT-03:00 Riccardo (Jack) Lucchetti <>:
On Thu, 6 Oct 2016, Leandro Zipitria wrote:

Dear all,

I have just save a database (attached) in Gretl native format (gdt). When
trying to open it again, the program say "Could not open ... file". Please
find attached the file.
I am working under Fedora Linux, using Gretl 2016c. I open the original
database, save it as a gdt file and try to open it again and find the same

Apparently, the value labels for your variables "Area_A" and "P36" contain a few non-UTF8 characters.

Since it looks as if you imported these data from an SPSS file, could you please check what happens with the value labels in both programs, please?

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