Dear Allin, 

The problems disappeared after a reset, a re-installation of Gretl and some minor adjustments. 
I have tested structural change, Kapetanios and TRAMO and everything normal 

Best and thank you for your help! 

El jue., 30 jul. 2020 a las 1:24, Allin Cottrell (<>) escribió:
On Thu, 30 Jul 2020, Cristián Arturo Ducoing Ruiz wrote:

> Hi Allin,
> Sorry for the quick and lack of detail question, you know how annoying it
> is to lose several hours of work....
> *The crashes appear persistently when I try to save the scripts.* For
> example, the last one, it happened after I wrote just three lines of code.
> I tried to save it and immediately Gretl crashed.
> I was working at the same time with R, if it could help but really, I'm not
> doing nothing complicated and It's happening again and again..

OK, a crash saving a script gives us a little more to go on. Can I
ask, in what language are you running gretl? This is a puzzle
because it's not something that anyone else has reported, so we
really need as much information as possible if we're going to track
it down.

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